Phobya: High quality and revolutionary design

November 2008: The first High-tech CPU waterblock from Phobya is introduced to the public audience. The Microlayer design sets a new benchmark in cooling performance as well as weight reduction, the patent is pending.
The unique Phobya design already foreshadows the path that Phobya is about to follow:
Phobya will revolutionize the watercooling market.
Innovation, power and outstanding quality are the principles on which both development and production are based. Gamer- and other High-power PCs can be cooled  with the Phobya product range in all relevant sectors in near future.
Phobya offers a cool look, great functionality and expandability with all of its products. Modding fans are going to love its design, hardcore users will enjoy its extreme performance.

Phobya - Fear IT

Customer support: The Phobya warranty for customers from the EU:
Phobya offers an extended product warranty within the EU, which, far beyond the legal requirements, will apply up to 5 years after the date of purchase if a reclamation is filed. The product simply has to be registered 2 months after the Invoice date  at Phobya at no cost. The warranty period can span from 2 to 5 years and is noted with the product. The warranty covers all reasons for reclamation which would also be covered by the legal warranty (usually 2 years). Signs of use and normal wear and tear are not covered. Should an item not be repairable it will be replaced with the same product or the successor or a better product.

Registration process:
1.    Scan your invoice as a PDF document.
2.    Name the PDF document with your first and family name.
3.    Send us the PDF file via Email to
4.    You will now receive an extended warranty on all Phobya products on the invoice.

Reclamation process:
You have the possibility to contact the company from which you have purchased the product for reclamation for the first 1 or 2 years (depending on the legal situation in your country). This possibility is not affected by the registration at Phobya.

The reclamation process is as follows:

1.    Include the reclamation form and a copy of your invoice with the return shipment.
2.    Send the items to the address given on the reclamation form.
3.    The shipping cost for returning the item cannot be refunded by Phobya, but Phobya will return the repaired or replaced product at their own expense if the reclamation was justified. If the reclamation was not justified Phobya can return the product at your won cost (if desired) or alternatively dispose of the item after 14 days.