Phobya is your Avatar with maximum skills:

Let the fire of battle inflame you, play with all your passion and have no fear to get burned. With Phobya cooling systems and modding products you can experience your passion at the the max and achieve your goals. Phobya gives you the possibility to satisfy your need for victory, to create a PC that can live up to your needs and gives you the best performance possible. No matter if the goal is maximum overclocking or sheer power, low temperatures or a silent PC or living out your modding skills, Phobya will give you the tools!

The Background behind Phobya:

Phobya is no company in the classical sense but a union of multiple companies, manufacturers, designers and technology owners which develop and produce products adhering to uniform and strict quality standards and distribute them.

Therefore Phobya does not have a head office but rather develops and produces products at multiple locations worldwide.

This concept allows each contributor to Phobya to work at their specialized field and present their products in a uniform design and appearance.

All participants must adhere and follow uniform standards. Some of these standards are:

  • Total Quality Management
  • Extensive pre-series tests with elaborate protocols
  • Delivery guarantee even with high demand
  • Total Cost Management for constant pricing even with fluctuating production- and resource costs
  • Uniform, professional packaging with EAN code
  • Multilingual manuals
  • Extended warranty of up to 6 years possible
  • Quick and uncomplicated reclamation processing
  • High-resolution pictures as well as detailed descriptions are published on the Phobya homepage to allow resellers easy integration of Phobya products into their shops

if you wish to become part of Phobya or if you wish to sell our products please contact our resellers and licensed distributors.